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How you can easily book flexibly and cheap fitter rooms in Hanover for larger groups.

Put an end to your search for potential furnished rooms in Hanover. Here you can find out everything you need to know and which of our accommodations suit you suit you.

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How do I find the right fitters' room in Hanover?

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Availability and price

The usual prices for a fitter's room in Hanover are between €10 and €40 per person per night. If you are looking for particularly inexpensive rooms for fitters, we recommend a long rental period.

As Hanover is a trade fair city, prices and availability can vary greatly during the trade fair. In this case, you should secure accommodation as soon as possible.

What does your stay with us cost?

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Location and accessibility

Distance to the workplace: The exact distance depends on your place of work, but our accommodation is in a central location which often allows for a short journey.

Public transport: In the immediate vicinity of our accommodation you will find numerous shopping facilities as well as public transport such as buses and streetcars, which offer convenient and fast connections to the city and the surrounding work areas.

Parking facilities: There are many public parking facilities near our accommodation.

The location of our accommodation in Hanover is ideal for assembly work with a car in the city. 

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Equipment and comfort

When looking for suitable accommodation during your assembly assignments, it is important to pay attention to facilities and comfort. 

Accommodation that has all the necessary amenities can make your stay more pleasant and less stressful. 

This includes aspects such as full kitchen equipment, a private bathroom, Internet access and WLAN, as well as appropriate cleanliness and maintenance of the premises.

How is it with our fitter accommodation?

With us, you will find exactly what you need for a comfortable and pleasant stay. Our fitters' rooms in Hanover are fully equipped and offer you all the amenities you need:


Each of our accommodations has a fully equipped kitchen where you can prepare your own meals. From the stove and fridge to cooking utensils and crockery - you'll find everything you need to prepare your meals here.


You enjoy the privacy of your own bathroom, equipped with a shower or bath, washing machine, washbasin and WC.

Internet access and WLAN

Stay connected during your stay with free internet access and Wi-Fi in all our rooms.

Cleanliness and condition

We attach great importance to cleanliness and a well-kept condition of our accommodation. Our rooms are regularly cleaned and maintained so that you can feel completely at home with us.

If you're looking for accommodation that offers you comfort and convenience, you've come to the right place. Contact us today to book your stay in one of our serviced rooms. We look forward to welcoming you.

Location of our accommodation in Hanover

We currently have three different locations.

Fitter's room Hannover Südstadt

Fitter's room Mittelfeld

Fitter's room Hanover Laatzen

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